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home sweet home

finally a free moment to blog a bit.

guess what folks!?!
my phone comes in on monday. yay! {blog-ability}
wade comes home in just under 2 weeks!
and we get married 3 months from today!!!
crazy, eh?

we finally wrapped up our registries last night. felt a little odd walking around target, scanner in hand, by my lonesome. but wade and i were down to kitchen basics - and he was cool with me going it alone.
so we're finished. (finally - i have felt so greedy!)

* we went with bed, bath & beyond for the bulk of our needs. i've heard that they have a great return policy + there's a bb&b near my folks in illinois. (though rumor is a lot of the things that wade and i scanned at the chicago bb&b aren't carried in nashville stores - grr.)
* then for our day-to-day dishes and a couple fun kitchen xtras, we went with pottery barn. i {heart} our dishes most of all. and can't wait to entertain with them!
* finally we decided to add a few things at target. i've heard they can be a bear for returns (my sister experienced first hand). but they had much cuter dish towels - ha! how suzy homemaker of me.

wedding planning is coming along - slowly buy surely. 
finally invites are being mailed (i'm pretty sure i've said before that the invite list is the hardest part of planning a wedding. so i will be very happy to check this task of the list.) i sent mom home with a couple of jobs the last time she was in town. and i warned wade to come to town with gluestick in hand! we've got work to do! :)

as some of you might know, wade and i were considering buying a place. the short version of the story ... we found a house and fell in love. unfortunately it was a short sale which is codeword for very very looooong sale. finally after considering all the time we had already invested with 0 guarantee the sale would even make it to closing ... and all the money were going to be putting into the house, we've decided to rent a place, save save save, and finally once this whole bad experience is ancient history ... try again. 

needless to say, both of us were a disappointed ... but also a bit relieved.
and we've found a pretty sweet apartment that has helped to lighten the blow.

it's a old home split into 4 apartments like the place i'm currently in. tall ceilings, wood floors and tons of natural light. i look so forward to having friends over for card games and dinners!
and best ... it's right in the heart of nash.
close enough to walk to work and around the corner from our favorite - FIDO!

okay okay - now i'm just getting chatty! :)
missed writing. more soon. xo.


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