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fri-DIY: our wedding programs

* stencil
*decorative paper (mom & i found a few rolls of wallpaper that are perfect for the look of our wedding.)
*stock paper to give the fan some weight. i used 14pt.
*tongue depressors (bought at hobby lobby)
*scissors & an exacto knife
*glue (i used tacky glue but i'm researching if there's an even better scrapbooking glue as these things have to last until sept 25th.)

step one
design and cut out your stencil.
step 2
using your stencil trace and cut out 2 decorative pieces (front and back of the fan) and 1 piece of your heavier stock paper.
step three
glue the tongue depressor handle onto the heavy stock paper & let it dry completely.

step four
with an exacto knife (and a cutting board!) cut out any additional elements.
i'm using a little scroll detail to create a tab to hold in a piece of paper that will eventually include program copy.

step five
glue the decorative pieces to the front and back of the heavy stock paper.
be careful not to glue down the little tabs you created in the last step.

step six
add you program (i'm using the white as a filler for now) and glue down the decorative tabs!

and ... 1 down. 199 to go:

hope you enjoy them as much as wade & i do.
AND as always ... if you make your own please share a link with me!!!



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