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the proposal.

finally - a free moment to share our proposal story!

i'm not sure if you are aware - but late last year wade took a job in boston. so for the past 5m we have been traveling back and forth every chance we get. we had planned a trip since christmas for me to fly to boston for a long weekend to see the play sleep no more.

the tuesday before i was supposed to arrive, wade called w/ unfortunate news. he had to schedule a meeting for thursday night - the night i was supposed to fly in. this was all confirmed when his boss alex texted to apologize for the scheduling conflict.

on thursday, steven (wade's roommate) picked me up at the airport, and we drove to meet wade & his boss/friend alex at the frog pond at boston common to ice skate. once we arrived at the park, steven called wade to see if he had any suggestions for parking. wade told him that his meeting had just ended and he was already at the pond, so steven insisted that i go ahead and find wade while he parked (i had been in airports all day).

i found wade just as the frog pond was closing. a bit disappointed, wade called steven and told him that we'd walk across the public garden and meet him & alex at a bar the boys frequented in about twenty minutes. i was a bit frustrated bc i was tired for the long day ... a 20 minutes walk? worse - in 20ยบ weather!

as we walked into the public garden, wade wanted to show me a specific tree. this isn't out of the ordinary for wade - he's an eagle scout after all. (i teased that any ol tree would do - again i was tired/cold - ha!) when he finally found it, he explained that it was a giant redwood tree. and this particular tree was special because giant redwoods don't usually survive in this type of climate. however, this particular tree against all odds had dug roots deep enough - and was probably 200 years old.

then he said ... "and what makes this tree even more special is that in 50 years when you come back to this particular tree with your grandkids, you'll be able to tell them that this exact spot was where their grandpa asked their grandma to marry him".

he then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. (i found out later that he had been practicing all week. 1 knee - the usual. 2 knees - maybe too desperate. ha!)

i was definitely caught off guard ... and i proclaimed "seriously?!? ... well of course!"

{what the heck!?! since the beginning of blade (blair & wade) i've teared up at every proposal knowing that i would be a blubbering mess at my own. but in the shock of the moment, i said ... "well of course!"}

the walk through the rest of the garden was a blur. but we eventually ended up in front of the taj hotel. i asked wade as we were walking if we were still planning to meet up w/ steven and alex. then finally figured out that the whole meeting was a hoax and a ploy to get my luggage. instead the boys had spent the day helping wade set up a suite on the 14th floor and even shop for the perfect outfit. (which is also funny. when i found wade in the park, i didn't recognize him for the longest time bc "wade would never roll his jeans".)

the suite overlooked the public garden & boston common and the most unbelievable view of the boston skyline:

AND included a wood burning fireplace, candles, books of poetry, wade & my favorite tunes, champagne, flowers + BONUS: hot cocoa & chocolate chip cookies!

i am the luckiest girl in the world. not just because of my AMAZING ring (hee hee), but because i get to spend the rest of my life with the most incredible man in the world.

a few more pics:


ABCDMomma said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! What a beautiful story my sweet friend! I couldn't be more excited for someone! Kisses to you my dear! Again...my applause to you Wade dear! You impress the britches off of me!

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