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satur-DIY: butterfly collection

today's snow day meant i had plenty of time to wrap a project i've been excited about for a while.
i saw a faux butterfly collection in a recent edition of real simple {my life blood!}.
loved it! and hope you do too.


decorative paper
pins (i used 12 ... you might need a few less or a few more)
a light box (i found this one at michaels for ONLY $4.)
a butterfly to use as a stencil
a pencil and scissors

step one:
use your butterfly stencil to trace your butterflies.
then cut them out. (this might take a while so i strongly recommend a good movie!)
{i cut a total of 12 so that i could have 4 rows of 3.}

step two:
fold up the wings on each butterfly.

step three:
lay out your butterflies in the pattern you desire.
then, pin them into place.

voila ...

cute, huh?


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