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tues-DIY: seasons

as wade and i are about to enter a new season in our life,
i wanted to make time for a {craft}ernoon i've been interested in for a while.
inspiration: this etsy find.

*old sheet music. {i found a ton at an antique store in town for maybe a 1.99 per song (about 4 sheets each)}
*piece of cardstock to make a stencil
*acrylic paint & brushes
*a black sharpie
*a pencil
*and scissors

step 1:
sketch your tree on the cardstock

step 2:
outline the tree with your sharpie & cut 'er out as your stencil.
(if you're just doing 1 painting you might not need a stencil at all. but since i'm doing 1 for each season ... i wanted to have the exact same tree in each painting.)

step 3:

trace your tree onto your sheet music in light pencil.
i also traced a full sheet so that i had an edge for my painting.
{ooh and another shot of my fabulous ring. i still find myself staring! ha!}

step 4:
add details! then paint.

so far ... i've finished spring and winter:

i'll add summer and fall as soon as i finish!
i can't wait to frame these bad boys and hang them.
(but that might have to wait until after we pay this wedding off! either way ... i'll post pictures when i do!)



Susan said...

i absolutely love this!!! i may have to borrow the idea sometime if you don't mind. :-)

a case of the mundays said...

absolutely. as i borrowed it myself!

Brian and Angie Seehafer said...

Woman, that looks AMAZING!!!

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