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the first 3 months: our top 10 must-have baby items

i had a serious case of insomnia during my second trimester with eleanor. i spent countless hours during those sleepless nights researching for our registry. at first, i googled "the minimalist mom" and "baby basics" - limiting our list to only absolute must-haves. (we do after all have zero closet space in our 100 year old home.)

3 months in ... i'll admit that while some items seem so ridiculous (hello, peepee teepee) there are some "convenience" baby items that are worth every penny! so here are 10 items that wade and i agree are must-haves for the getting through the sleep-deprived first 3 months:


we registered for a 3-pack and then within the first week bought a second pack. our girl and spit-up go hand in hand! and my goal is to keep our baby items as nice as possible for baby #2 and #3. so i place one of these liners under eleanor when we're doing tummy time or when she's chillin' on her  lounger and even in her bassinet at night. basically where you find eleanor - you find a liner!
i'd like to think that we opted for cloth diapers & wipes and reusable nursing pads bc we're so green. but reality - we're cheap! these definitely have saved us $$ but also saved the ladies! i found the disposable pads incredibly irritating.
babies long for the good ol' days. the tight quarters of the womb! and a little fun fact - bc their brains continue to develop while they sleep, they only reach r.e.m. sleep during their first 4 months. while wade and i like to compete to see who can do the tightest swaddle - eleanor is the jail break queen. enter mama's best friend, velcro! we've loved this sleepsack during the winter months (and the summer infant swaddleme as our nights warm up a bit).
i might do a whole post on our cloth diaper routine. i wouldn't say we're experts - as we're still thankfully only experiencing breastmilk poo! but we've got a pretty dang good routine down! and we love our ubbi diaper pail. it's a bit of a splurge at $79.99 - but it's made from steel, people! and it's super narrow so we stuff it with a wetbag and it fits discreetly between our toilet and the shower in our tiny bathroom. smelly diapers - bring it on!
there is nothing more heartbreaking than a bright red baby bum. eleanor's first diaper rash was about a week after we brought her home and it was horrible. since we were cloth diapering we were limited to brands that wouldn't effect the wicking power of our inserts. this balm is proof that good things come in small packages. it battles diaper rash - but also soothes scrapes, burns, bug bites and other skin irritations - including thrush! win!
we just discovered these amazing bibs thanks to a mom friend within the last couple of weeks, and we're waiting on a few more to come in the mail. i love the massive bean shape for maximum coverage, and the muslin is extremely absorbent. but my ultimate favorite thing about these burp clothes is that they snap into a ginormous bib. i snap it on - and then sling the bib over my shoulder so nothing can slip between the two of us!
another cloth diapering must at the munday household. we recently took a weekend trip without our sprayer - and it made us appreciate it all the more. and once you get the hang of it - you learn to tame the water pressure.
we were gifted the most beautiful bassinet as our first baby gift for eleanor. i remember thinking it was gorgeous but definitely didn't make the "minimalist baby" list. co-sleeping wasn't an option for us - wade and i are deeeeeep sleepers. but as new parents - i don't think we would have slept the first few weeks without having eleanor at arms length. it was comforting to be able to reach out and place a hand gently on her and feel the rise of each little breath. heck - it still is. we've begun to discuss when we should move her out of our room. today i am thinking by the time she is 16. ... yes, for sure by 16. ;-)
SOCK! a mommy 4-letter word. we've tried them all. i swear i can put her left sock on and by the time i'm done putting her right sock on, ol' leftie is dangling by a pinky toe. how does she do it?! we picked up these little booties a few weeks ago - and victory! we can go a whole day with warm tootsies!!! we've bought 2 more pairs - as these are a newborn must in our drafty old home.
last but not least. as a working mom (i start back in the office tomorrow) who has breastfed exclusively thus far, getting eleanor to take a bottle was an absolute must! these naturally shaped bottles with soft skin-like feel are ideal for breastfed babies. at 95th percentile weight and height, our eleanor isn't one to skip a meal - and thankfully she took to these bottles without hesitation as well.

okay mama friends - what am i missing? what makes your list of 0-3m must-haves?


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