Test Title 1

Eleanor Jane - 1 Month

* nurse every 3 hrs & occasionally one 4 hr feeding at night
* a very noisy little lady - grunting and groaning
* lots of gas makes you squall (and makes mommy cry too)
* but ... gas also means lots of smiles!
* more smiles when you pop off in a milk coma
* no more newborn clothes! gained 1lb 4oz by our 2 week appointment. 
(1/28/14 - 8lbs 11oz & 22" long)
* hiccup queen (just like when you were in mommy's tummy)
* milia on the tip of your nose, a little hernia behind your belly button
and an under-developed tear duct - all should heal naturally
* a few walks and quick outings (wags & whiskers w/ hattie, portland brew coffee shop)
cabin fever - it has been a very cold month
* naps on your lounger, in your moby wrap while mommy works around the house
and on daddy's chest at night
* making eye contact
* sleep at night in your bassinet beside mommy & daddy
* switched to cloth diapers (2/5/14)


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