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saturday turned into family work day around the new house - so i didn't get around to blogging as promised. but we knocked so many things off the "to do" list. i'll blog more about a few of those things separately.

first let me tell you a bit about our move ...

we agreed that the seller could occupy the house until 9 days after we closed. unfortunately this pushed our move to friday, december 21st - yes 4 days before christmas. though we hired movers, we were blessed by a whole heap of friends dropping in on saturday morning before each of them went their separate way for christmas.

then it got cray! wade and i drove to his parents' that afternoon for christmas with his siblings. the next morning, we welcomed his brother and sister-in-law (and 6 kids under 11!) over for a quick house tour. wade's parents dropped by in the afternoon and we had in-town-for-christmas friends over sunday evening. by 8am on monday morning, we were back in the car and headed to christmas, part 2 w/ wade's family. from there, we drove directly to illinois for 2 days with my family. i ended up spending the 2nd day in bed w/ the flu. we packed the car and drove back to nashville on the 26th despite a snowstorm and recovering stomach adding 3hrs to our usual 6.5 hour trip.

we agreed to have the seller's repairs finished after our move bc of a quick closing & christmas and bc i was off the week between the holidays to oversee. thursday at 8am the contractor & crew arrived.*** over the next 3 days, our house was a mess of drywall, sanding, paint, caulk, plumbing, roofing, debris removal, and electrical projects ... and lots and lots of dirt + dust. the seller was awesome and had the house professionally cleaned the day before we moved in, but in the aftermath of repairs, the house was even more of a mess than it had been on day 1. now it was still in boxes and GROSS.

in the midst of all that crazy, we adopted a dog! hattie - a 4-year old english bulldog - came home to live w/ us on the thursday following christmas (yes - the day the contractor arrived!). if you follow along on instagram, i apologize. i've already become "that" dog mama. a few favorites:

poor hattie had all kinds of health problems after 6m of being passed around from foster to foster - double ear infection, impacted anal glands (def the only time you'll ever read that on my blog!), a skin rash from poor diet (hattie is gluten free like me!), allergies and the dreaded f-word ... fleas! talk about major pet ownership orientation! we're medicating and babying her back to health. i have to get over my ocd tendencies and find my loving, nurturing side. good practice for future little mundays? maybe.

my BIGGEST concern - fleas! say "flea" and i begin to itch! ick! i'm using a spritz of 5 drops lemon essential oils + 5 drops lavender oils + 1c water on her skin and her bedding in addition to her monthly flea/heartworm treatment and i sprayed the living room as a preventative w/ natural defense flea/tick spray. hopefully the essential oils will also be good for her skin. any natural suggestions to keep the fleas away? any other fun tips for new pet owners?


*** 2 random things:
1 // i recommend seller's repairs finished before a move. there's already enough on your moving "to do" list. :-\
2 // our realtor blake campbell from village real estate went above and beyond! he was there the entire time watching over the repairs! moving in or around nashville? call him!


Trace said...

I love her!!! She is wonderful.

jess. said...

What a sweet little pup you have! My parents adopted a flea riden pup as well, and my sister recommended a rubbing alcohol and lemon mixture she learned about while living in Argentina. It totally worked...she's now flea-free! Here's a link:

Nina said...

ohhh so sweet lovly i have Fritzi my Dog.wishes from nina

Anonymous said...

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