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holy cow - it's 2013!

i've been so busy busy w/ the whole crazy move that i haven't even stopped by to wish you all a very happy new year! what the!?! it's already almost mid-month! have you set any resolutions? me? well - no. i'm currently trying to feel like i'm not a stranger in our new home! resolving to do anything other than exist and unpack is a bit over-whelming.

mom flew into town last friday and she has been so helpful. it's amazing what little things like a waste basket in your laundry room or a night light in the bathroom do to make a house a home. she's also determined to get me to put things on the wall. she claims it will make us feel more settled. and you know what? she's right! so thankful for all the furniture wade's parents and grandparents have given to us. and my dad drives down today w/ 1 final truck load!

i have a confession. our new house was featured on apartment therapy this past week - go here check it out ... it looks amazing. however ... it's felt a little discouraging. everyone's all "WOW your house looks amazing" and i'm all "oh if you only could see it now." we look like such a downgrade. boxes, temporary decorations, furniture that needs refinished, tweaked, yada yada. and this is where you all remind me that the former owner lived there for like 8 years. yah yah, i know.

how about  few pics of the OUTSIDE of our house. it still looks pretty pretty. these were part of the christmas shoot we did w/ the amazing alissa saylor prior to our move. please check her out!

my honey-do list and personal to do lists are growing! we have so many fun ideas for the new place. first off however we have to do the practical things like buy gutters and install insulation and get a termite contract. woot woot. things that really look impressive on the blog. :-/

back tomorrow w/ a fun little update!


Calamity J said...

I love your style! You will make it your own and it will be beautiful. Enjoy the process!

Mandy Pellegrin said...

Oh, wow. That's your house?! I sent the link of that to my husband and said, "Yet another reason for us to move back and buy a charming little place in East Nashville." Small world!

It was certainly beautifully-done, but the building of Rome and all that. And at least it gives you something to strive for.

Bonnie said...

Congrats on the new house! So exciting and take your time and enjoy making it your own. Can't wait to see all the stuff you do!

NLT said...

Congrats on the move! These are pictures are adorable!

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