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thurs-DIY: "life's s'more fun w/ friends" party favors!

just when you thought i was finished sharing about our birthday camping trip ... here i am sharing another party favor idea. :) 

- clear cellophane bags (i got mine at target).
- brown kraft cardstock
- cedar clippings (we might have borrowed a few from a local park!) 
- s'more stuff: marshmallows, hershey's chocolate bars, graham crackers

... and this printable pdf:

{click image to download}

1 // print your labels on the kraft cardstock. be sure to add your own initials following "with ❤" either in illustrator or by hand!
2 // cut carefully along the little outlines (thankfully the brown paper is forgiving!).
3 // hole punch in the upper left corner.
4 // in each cellophane bag place 2 graham crackers, a marshmallow (or 2) and a generous amount of chocolate
5 // string your little cardstock label and tie each bag closed. then with a second knot, attach your tiny cedar clippings.

easy peasy! 



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