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our week >> according to instagram

wow - per wade & my instagram pics life's been pretty simple! it has - i've loved it! wade was in town all last week studying & reading. and i kept busy w/ small projects around the house. it's finally cool enough around here to have the windows open at night ... and to enjoy our little front porch oasis! :) yipee! w+i went to the farmer's market saturday am and bought new herbs and some fall flowering plants. and we bought apples! lots and lots of apples. enough for snacking AND a gorgeous apple pie (i'll share tomorrow).

i loved // a bouquet of fresh flowers - just bc it was saturday! and i can't believe i haven't shared w/ you all my new cheese plate (i got it for my birthday back at the beginning of august). my sweet friend & pottery classmate amy is showcasing her whimsical pottery collection later this fall. each week we ooh and ah over her latest creations. for my nashville readers - i'll share show dets soon!
i learned // a lot about love the past couple of weeks at church. we're currently in the middle of a series called the reckless ones. and it's amazing, people. Christ gave us 2 commands: 1) love God. 2) love people. but most of us are "churched" beyond our obedience. are we really obeying those commands? even if it means living a bit reckless & really loving people!?!  if you have time - check out these beautiful podcasts (1 & 2) from crosspoint nashville's minister pete wilson.

i liked //

i look forward to //  we're heading home later this weekend just in time to celebrate a big birthday for my mom & to help her care for my grandma. i'm so excited for the trip - and even more blessed that it was wade's idea. :) he's a keeper, y'all.


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