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our week >> according to instagram

this was such a SLOOOOOOOW week. work has been slightly nuts (i mean "retouching heads on completely different bodies" kind of nuts!) - leaving me completely on E when i finally make it home. thankfully wade was game to take it easy. and that we did. i wrapped up a couple of small projects for our camping trip & made a "to do" list for this weekend. i still need to finish a couple things for his birthday too! looking forward to a few hours alone this weekend to play catch up!

i loved // my best friend emily & her husband just bought a condo literally 3 houses down from ours. she and i walked 2 mornings this week, and wade + i went to their place for champagne and gfree chocolate cake on wednesday! champagne and chocolate cake! poor wade sat and listened to us reminisce the good ol' days. we were pretty dang good roommates.

i learned // w+i are trying to be better arguers. yes - i know we've been married for 2 years next month and we're still working on this! wade and i got in a big ol argument this week ... and the contents of the argument were ridiculous! 1) i huffed & reluctantly shared my water with him after he got home from a run. 2) he interrupted the last 4 bars of my impromptu piano recital. silly stuff to argue about, right? but both of us felt neglected and burdensome - and that's not so silly. we're trying to be better about addressing the feeling behind an argument rather than the contents. the whole "when you did this, i felt this" part of our pre-marital counseling sessions.

i liked //
  • these adorable side tables from west elm. my friend stacey put 2 of them up on craigslist for a steal - $200/pair (basically 2 for the price of 1). it took some serious will-power not to buy them from her and ship them to TN. sadly - our 500 sq feet are pretty packed as it is. live in the so cal area & love them as much as i do - message me for dets!
  • this noonday sale. i especially love the tri-tubular necklace - made by artisans in ethiopia.
  • this hand towel from h&m in light beige. rumor is their home decor line will launch stateside in early 2013. unfortunately for nashville - it doesn't look like they've made any plans to come here. wah wah.
  • these ombre walls via ps i made this. ps i NEED to make this!

i look forward to // it's going to be in the 80s all weekend. the low-80s! the almost 70s! hip hip hooray! w+i are going to squeeze in a trip to a new little park rutledge falls on sunday morning after church. w/ picnic lunch + excuse to use our new picnic blanket. i love a new adventure. and then next weekend is our big 30th birthday camping weekend. so excited to celebrate! :)

hope you all have a fantastic weekend! :)


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