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i'm a real odd ball ...

it's been a little boring around the blog this past week. surprisingly i've never been busier!!! ha. my evenings have been filled w/ crafts i can't share yet!!! our big birthday camping trip is coming along swimmingly. but i've been holding off on sharing as i don't want to ruin the experience for party-goers and the hubs! gah! that said, i will have a whole heap of blog posts at the end of the month! have patience, i'll try.

in the meantime, w + i have been trying to limit our fun money this month. we each used a portion of our budgeted "fun" for the each other's birthday gifts. (side note: wade reminded me last night that the term "fun money" implies that when it runs out, we no longer have fun. touché.)

it has however come to my attention that i use my portion of the fun money very randomly.
specifically - this month i bought:

1 // this adorable little green sap bucket!

vintage, metal, green, country decor, rustic decor, maple syrup, sap bucket

2 // these penmanship workbooks first published in the mid-1800s.


 of course there's a method to my madness. these each contributed to my 31 before 31 list!
4 // relearn to write in cursive - and become comfortable w/ my penmanship. 
practice makes perfect!

7 // collect something.
how many of an item qualifies as a collection? and where exactly should i display my "sap bucket collection"? we need more wall space.

purchased anything random lately?


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