Test Title 1

house + hem: mint

i'm 16 days away from turning 30, y'all!

and quite possibly going through a bit of a crisis mode. i cut bangs again, i'm on the hunt for a neon bra and even crazier: i'm considering challenging myself to not purchasing any plain ol jeans in year 3-0. and maybe an add-on: no jeans for work!?! would i dare? the thing is ... i work in the music business. we say "music business casual" aka "dress like a rockstar" so i'm not opting for stuffy work clothes. but i can't dress like a kid forever! it's time to step it up.

so here's a little house + hem inspired by this mint pleated midi skirt. a perfect launch to my goal?


Ellen @ Black & White & Loved All Over said...

Happy early 30th! I'm turning 30 in September. Booo.

Love the bangs, love the loot. You gotta get the skirt, B.

Blair Munday said...

we're getting old(er)! how are you feeling lovely? need to see you soon. i'm pretty sure my mum ordered me the skirt. now to hope it fits!!!

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