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hey neighbor: jerry's apartment

introducing another fun little blog category: hey neighbor! nashville is so freakin cool - i'm not sure if y'all are aware of this! so i'm going to begin sharing some of my absolutely favorites in the neighborhood! 

so we'll kick 'er off w/ our actual neighbor jerry's apartment.

this week we're kittysitting for sweet lily while jerry is out of town. jerry was graphic designer back before computers & the adobe suite. he worked for esquire magazine for years and spent the 70s touring europe in a vw bus with his best friend. yup - he has some fantastic stories. and his eclectic lifestyle is reflected in his fantastic apartment.  it's stacked floor to ceiling w/ collections: wooden bowls, a variety of mismatched balls, coffee cans, printing block letters and fruit illustrations --- swoon! and how about that drafting table? i NEED a drafting table.

i never thought i would say this, but ... i love a good collection. clarification: when it's something old! like jerry's mismatched wooden bowls & vintage ball collection: check out my cakies vintage sap bucket collection. yum!

so what do you collect?


Staci @ My Friend Staci said...

I love this. Please sneak into more neighbors' houses for us!

Blair Munday said...

haha! deal. i've already got my next house in line! i'm also excited to share some of the great new restaurants and shops that have popped up! thanks, Staci.

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