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mon-DIY: woven frienship bracelet

last night we had our year end celebration w/ the high school girls' bible study. it's hard to believe that i've been with some of these girls for 3 years now! and it will be even crazier next year when they graduate!!!

when we were planning how we wanted to celebrate the end of another school year - i mentioned that i'd love to have them help me make bracelets for the kids in ethiopia. they were so excited to help out! i love these girls. so we made an evening of it - complete with dairy queen!

{warning: give 7 high school girls embroidery thread and it will end up looking like the bottom right! that makes my ocd self itch. ha.)

of all of the friendship bracelet patterns i've stumbled on while preparing for our trip - this one is by far the easiest to teach and bonus: the quickest to finish! 

here's what you'll need:
* embroidery thread
* a small piece of cardboard
* something circular for your pattern (roll of masking tape)
* scissors, a ruler and a pen

trace a circle onto the cardboard and then cut it out.

mark the center of your circle. then with your ruler, draw a line cutting the circle in half. draw another line through the center making 1/4s. and finally draw a line through the center cutting each 1/4 in 1/2 making 1/8s.

3 // cut about a half inch in from the edge on each line.

finish your loom, by making a hole in the center.

now here's the toughest part - pick out your colors!!! :) you'll need 7 24" long strings. and it's probably easiest to learn with 7 different colors. tie them together with a knot approximately 2" from 1 end.

pull your knot through the center hole.

on the side opposite your knot, arrange the 7 strings by tucking 1 into each of the slits in your cardboard loom. there will be 1 empty slit. turn your loom so that the open slit is toward yourself.

count 3 strings to the left of the open slit. for me, this is the bright green string (above). take that string out of it's slit and move it to the open slit. that's it! now you just repeat.

rotate your loom so that the open slit is toward you, count 3 strings to the left, take that string out of it's slit and move it to the open slit ... and repeat, and repeat, and repeat!

a little test ... which string would we move next if the open slit was facing us (above)? ... that's right - BLUE. got it?

when you've weaved and weaved and weaved until the bracelet is your desired length, carefully remove each string from it's slit and tie them together w/ another knot. easy peasy!


Ester said...

Loving how easy this is. Might be a great one to try with my little girl who found those friendship bracelet tools difficult. Thanks for the post!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial, thank you. I'm making a bracelet right now!

akwiinas said...

wow! I am impressed how easy it is! I am sure - I will make this this evening with my boy! Looks like really great craft for kids! :)

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