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is it too late for an easter post?

well you're getting one either way!

i always feel a bit lame at holidays. i'm not a huge decorator and we usually skip the christmas stockings and easter baskets, etc. i'm sure things will change when we get around to having kids. but for now ... we keep it pretty simple. i did decide (at very last minute) that i wanted to try this little tutorial on poppytalk.

i used a tiny drill bit to drill a hole in the top and bottom of my egg (and only had 2 out of 5 casualties). i also used a needle to carefully pick away at loose shell. try to find a grey spot - this is a sign of weakness in the shell.

then using a syringe, i blew out the inside of the eggs. i soaked them in hot water to clean out the yokes and ran water through them until it ran clear. i finished preparing the eggs by baking them at 350 F for 10 minutes to dry them out.

the painting process took several coats! and in a teeny tiny apartment - i had to be incredibly sneaky.


finally, i typed up cheesy little easter themed notes. i rolled them and carefully pushed one inside each egg. "u r eggsra special!" warning: this part was super frustrating. my notes had to keep getting teenier and teenier. i don't usually type in text-speak.

at last ... a little easter egg hunt for mr. munday:


i "hop" you had a great easter too!


Anonymous said...

such a fun "grown up" easter idea. next year! joni

Lauren said...

Such a great idea, I love it! Especially the stripy egg! You have such a neat blog, l came across it through your button swap with Five Sixteenths.


Blair Munday said...

thanks for stopping over, lauren! :) ps - your fiji trip looks like it was a blast!

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