Test Title 1

guess who got a new purse!?!


so long grungy old bag. we've made many sweet memories together over the last 5 years: 3 music festivals, 1 trip to morocco, 5 camping trips and countless repairs. at the request of my husband, poor bag has already been laid to rest:


yes, 5 years! i'm not a purse buyer (obviously). i remember moving a friend of wade's a few years ago and she had garbage bags (plural) of purses. i have had 1 ... well + a dressy clutch. so buying a new purse is a BIG STINKIN' DEAL. a big deal that took one threatening husband. "buy it by noon or else i will". 

and so i did. against our budget, i bought this abbey road hobo bag from lucky brand. i've had my eye on it for a looooong time. (like since july of last year.):


this week is the ultimate cray cray. i'm hosting a bridal shower saturday with my sister for our future sister-in-law angela. soooo much to get done. i am of course the biggest procrastinator in the world. can't wait to share all of the fun ideas + pictures ... next week! bear w/ me! xo.


Tess said...

I wish my husband will also give me an ultimatum like that! I've also been with the same purse for about 5 years, but I haven't found anything similar. Everything fits and it is really practical! so I guess i won't get rid of it an time soon ;).

Mandy said...

yay! new purses are awesome!!! i'm one of those that has several. {NOT garbage bags full though!} ;)

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