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i've got spring fever

don't you just love spring?!? it has been so beautiful in nashville. 75 and sunny! perfect ride your bike weather. perfect work in the yard weather. perfect loooong run weather. (we're doing a lot of the latter these days. in fact, wade ran 19 miles - almost 3 hrs on saturday morning.)

i've got a major case of spring fever. i'm itching to get the windows open and the house deep cleaned. and wade's really really itching to create some sort of garden oasis. this could prove to be quite the challenge. we have 500 dimly sunlit square feet and a shared front porch. time to get a bit creative. of course ... first a little research:


row 1: the edible balcony - growing fresh produce in small spaces by alex mitchell available on amazon. let's face it this is a must-buy book! //  row 2: boskke ceramic self-water planters. swoon! and perfectly placed above the cutting board. double swoon! sadly just missed these on sale @ fab. what was i thinking!?! // row 3: super helpful small garden tips via the one the only martha stewart. garden pots and window boxes. dwarf veggies + different varieties of lettuce for color.

game on!


Marta said...

I love spring! It's warmer, but not as warm as summer. Best part is I don't get those annoying allergies :P

Definitely the season that makes me happy the most :)

Silken Spirits

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