Test Title 1

a few tricks up my sleeve ...

april fools day shopping list:

- googly eyes √
- non-toxic bath tablets √
- jello mix √

i shouldn't share my inspiration ahead of time - bc mr. munday might catch on. but these ideas are too good not to share! :) think i can prank my coworkers on monday since april fool's day falls on a sunday this year?

{clockwise from upper left}

1 // hard boiled egg surprise via oh happy day
2 // googly eye attack via how about orange
3 // a little potty humor via disney family fun (i especially like the message "the jokes on poo")
4 // blue water via martha stewart


The Sugar Mountain said...

what did you end up doing? I got a to-go box from a funky little resturaunt (Saturday nite girl's nite) and brought home a lovely fried chicken tallon... "honey, I'm home! Brought you some dessert!" teeheehee :)

Blair Munday said...

hilarious! i was a bit of a lame-o. he had already april fools-ed me at midnight the night before. (yah - we were up that late!) but i did get my mom. the trick is to not go HUGE. teeny tiny tricks always work.

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