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take ♥ tuesday

OH MY GOSH - it's wednesday. just realized. even brunettes have blonde moments. ;) 

{clockwise from upper left}

1 // these simple heart dishes. french inspiration + pottery (shall i make my own?) ... via alder & company.

2 // this heartbeat necklace diy  ... via i spy diy. inspired by bright tiger designs on etsy's "you make my heart beat" necklace. decisions time: purchase or make?

3 // this vintage inspired digital wallpaper ... via fossil. oh hey ... an opportunity for me to plug the "31 days to a better photo" challenge again. (you're not too late, it's day 1.)

4 // this adorable bicycle poster designed for art crank minneapolis 2010 ... via allan peters (and dedicated to his baby-to-be). gah - i must find out if this print is still available for our {someday} nursery! emphasis on adorable, right!?!

and a little bonus for take ♥ tuesday: check out the "comment love challenge" on desirous of everything. every blogger could use a little comment affirmation this february ... right? and here's your opportunity to comment to win a copy of elsie larson's blog love e-course! get on it!

Comment Love Challenge

blog bling - pugly pixel
blackjack - dafont
aw conqueror inline - font squirrel
photos: 1 - alder & company // 2 - i spy diy // 3 - fossil // 4 - allan peters


Sarah O'Holla said...

Yay! So glad you signed up! And I love those heart dishes :)

Blair Munday said...

oh my gosh - it's wednesday! i just realized. what a dummy.

Blair Munday said...

and yes - love the challenge! :) thanks for hosting. :)

Julia said...

Your blog is beautiful! Found you through the Comment Love Challenge. I have to say, the heart dishes are my fave too.

Maeg said...

I love love that heart necklace. Found you via the Comment Love Challenge (thanks for the shout out :))

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