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31 days to a better photo

on the eve of february, we're officially 1 month into 2012 people. how's it going? 

i confess - i've already blown one of my resolutions. that's right i fell off the "ice chewing" wagon w/in just a few short weeks of the new year. [enter lecture from my dentist.] i am however excited w/ a few add'l goals w + i have set. we're running a half (barefoot). we're paying off all our debt except our student loans (by june!). we're budgeting & therefore saving enough to purchase our first home possibly this year. and ... we have a really fun trip planned. i mean REALLY fun.

while i'm not ready to reveal the details of our trip yet (isn't that evil!?! ... bah ha ha), i am starting to plan ahead! and 1 thing that's super important before a big trip is honed camera skillz.

i've blogged about darcy of my 3 boybarians' 31 days challenge before. she hits on everything from dSLR 101 to photo composition to finishing your images in photoshop! oh snap!

so here's the challenge: there are 29 days this february (happy birthday, leap year babies) meaning by march 2nd - we'll be pros! here's the full 31 days.

i could use a little blog accountability. who wants to join me? link up below to commit. then we'll post about our experience + link up every friday to share our progress.

don't have a blog to link? please please please still join along (+ let me know w/ a comment below!)

blackjack - dafont
aw conqueror inline - font squirrel
camera graphic - stephanie corfee
31 days to a better photo - my 3 boybarians


lauraborealis said...

hi Blair,

I stumbled across your blog a number of months ago and have been following it since. This challenge sounds right up my alley--I just bought a new camera lens last week! :) Looking forward to it.


Tara said...

I've been following Darcy's blog for months and have learned so many great tips. I wish she would do "31 Days to Master Photoshop!" So much to learn about DSLRs! :)

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