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we're running a 1/2 marathon ... BAREFOOT!

okay not literally barefoot.

there's a guy in my yoga class that runs around town barefoot. i would maybe consider running barefoot if i lived near a beach in say hawaii or maybe even on the west coast where they're a little more enviro-friendly. but the streets of nashville!?! no way! okay okay tangent.

i ran a half marathon back in 2008. wade had just moved to boston. so w/ loads of new-found free time, i decided "why not" when my friend em asked me to run with her. we started training in august (really slowly --> 1 minute run + 1 minute walk) and by the first week in november were up to running 11 miles straight.

my parents and brother ross made the trip to cheer me on! ... and they of course jumped at the opportunity to capture a few pictures of me uncontrollably barfing after i crossed the finished line.

wade flew in and surprised emily + i @ mile 11 to run us in. i'm not sure if my barfing was bc of nerves or pure exhaustion. honestly: once i saw him, i had a feeling that he was going to ask me to marry him - so let's say nerves. he didn't. at least not that weekend. ha!

wow - looking back at pics and remembering every step (and blister) of my first 13.1 miles ... i'm definitely thinking "what have i gotten myself into AGAIN"!?! but the fees have been paid. the launch meeting attended. it's true folks ... we're running the country music 1/2 marathon!

so what's the deal w/ "running barefoot"? instead of running just to get in shape and prove something to ourselves like i did last time, wade and i are running w/ a team this year! we're running as members of "run barefoot" for barefoot republic.

barefoot republic is a summer camp that launched 10 years ago w/ a mission to develop Christ-centered relationships between students of diverse racial, cultural and socioeconomical backgrounds. through activities as diverse as extreme sports to fine arts and praise and worship sessions, the children form lasting friendships, discover that God has given each of them unique talents to use for His glory and tear down the barriers the world has created. learn more about barefoot republic.

because of barefoot’s intentional recruitment of culturally diverse youth, over 75% of the campers cannot afford to pay the full tuition and need some sort of financial assistance. run barefoot is an opportunity to check "running a 1/2 marathon" off the bucket list while raising scholarship money & money for future improvements of the camp property.

this year wade and i have committed to raise $1000 each. $2000 could send 6 of my inner-city bible study girls to camp for a life changing experience.

want to join us in our challenge?

1 // RUN WITH US! there's still time to sign up to run barefoot. click here for details.

2 // SPONSOR US! could you spare $1 per mile? that's $13.10. visit www.runbarefootnow.com and click on "Support a Runner". (Be sure to include either my name or Wade's name to contribute towards our individual pledges!)

there's still time! be sure to sign up for the noonday giveaway. three fabulous noonday necklaces to choose from in you win & entering is super easy so go check it out. click the banner below for all the details:


Bonnie said...

My roommate ran on the barefoot republic team the year I lived in Nashville (2010)!! I miss Nashville so much and hope to someday move back! Small world and good luck!

Blair Munday said...

definitely small world! :) especially since i think they only had about 6 runners that year. now - year 3 they are up to 80 runners!!!

Hé Ré said...

Do you guys actually run barefoot? Or do you run in the the Vibram 5 Finger shoes? I run "barefoot" in the Vibrams & will NEVER go back to running in regular shoes ever. Word of caution for running barefoot (with or without the funky toe shoes) is start out small! Since you will be altering your stride (YOU MUST land on the ball/center of your foot) you momentum no longer comes from stepping out in front of you (you should land directly beneath your body) so all your momentum comes from the push off. This means you will be using your calf muscles to push off. The first time I ran barefoot I didn't heed this warning & ran two miles. I could barely walk for 3 days because my calves were so sore!

Hé Ré said...

I just saw the first sentence of this post (missed it the first time around)...
So not literally barefoot, got it.
But I would recommend trying out the Vibram 5 Fingers!
They will change your life :)

Blair Munday said...

yes! not literally barefoot. i would die! :) i haven't tried those toe shoes. but i would probably trip staring at my weird-o feet. for now plain ol running shoes for me!

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