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during the merry happy ...

my office shuts down the week between merry christmas and happy new year. i commonly refer to it as my "merry happy". while most adults work (including mr. munday), this year i got a kick start on spring cleaning. why not? it's 56ยบ outside on january 5th - feels like spring to me!

the ultimate challenge for mini apartment living is figuring out where to hide your junk. in 2011 - our attack was simple: shove it in a closet and shut the door. not this year, people. mission organization 2012. it's amazing how adding shelves to 2 closets can kick start an organization revolution. now i'm gung-ho ... leave no "closet" behind.
a few things on my to do list:

the challenge: the multi-tasker (1 part crafts, 1 part luggage storage, 1 part coat closet, and 2 parts holiday storage)

1 // purchase an over the door storage system like this one featured on better homes and gardens for gift wrap + ribbons. cute cute.


{source: design*sponge}

the challenge: a very cluttered linen closet w/ lots and lots of little things to store.

1 // install a door mounted spice rack to store medicine. once installed, it's the perfect opportunity to toss all expired meds & cosmetics! random factoid for your thursday: did you know that you shouldn't store your medicine in your actual medicine cabinet? the heat and humidity can cause meds to lose potency before the expiration date. hmm. 

{source: cabinetparts.com}

2 // want to know a secret? i moved an entire apartment once in BASKETS. slight addiction. but one can never have too many bins, baskets, and boxes! 3 of my favorite words. a few canvas storage bins like these found at the container store are totally the ideal way to store small items that might otherwise create clutter.

3 // i'm also pretty smitten about those "shelf within shelf" organizers above. maybe w/ one of those, i could pull out the sheet i need w/o unfolding the entire stack.

okay truth is - this list could go on and on and on. inspired? what's the one room you totally need to declutter A-SNAP?!?


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