Test Title 1

so long, cupcake ...

move over, macaron. make way for the latest food craze ... the gourmet marshmallow.

confession: i have a major sweet tooth ... and i'm a sucker for sweet sticky marshmallow goodness. need proof? how about the 1/2 eaten bag of kraft jet-puffed giant mallows in our pantry. 

check out these yummy treats from nashville's own the bang candy company:

{source: bang candy company}

owner sarah souther began experimenting w/ homemade marshmallows in the summer of 2010. her friends quickly became fans and within weeks, she had requests for orders. by september, she launched the bang candy company and marshmallows became her full-time job. check out the bang candy company's variety of yummy fluffy confections ... everything from the original rose cardamom to chocolate chile to toasted coconut. each hand-dipped in belgian milk chocolate.

want to experiment on your own marshmallows? wade and i gave it a go over the holiday thanks to this recipe/blog from the smitten kitchen. and there will be several future experiments! ;) yum!


The Sugar Mountain said...

oh my those look good

Anonymous said...

I think Wade and you are getting a little marshmallow crazy. :) Love you!

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