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it's a brand new day!

hello friends ...

can you believe it!?! it's 2012!

i'm hoping you had as enjoyable of a holiday as we had! for the past 3 years, we've spent christmas eve day w/ wade's family - then driven 7hrs during the night to spend christmas day w/ my family. this year, instead we spent the entire christmas weekend with his family and new years weekend w/ my family. so much better!

and the week between? i worked my tail off reorganizing/cleaning our little apt --- a great kick start to 2012. oh and i finally got around to making a christmas gift:

{wooden dolls for my niece - daddy, nyah, haven and mommy (my sister, brooke) - can't you see the family resemblance? i kid.}

so - any resolutions?

i have made 2:

1 // i am an ice chewing addict - at least a glass or 2 a day. in fact, ice has become my ultimate favorite snack. i crave it. best treat ever: crushed shaved ice w/out any flavor. yes - i'm aware this habit is sooo bad for my teeth. and yes - i'm iron deficient. in 2012, i resolve to STOP CHEWING ICE. 

2 // in 2011, i resolved to be a blogger. and i have had so many awesome blogging experiences and have met so many awesome blog buddies. but the task of blogging daily totally stressed/stresses me out! truth is - i have a loooong list of things i want to accomplish in 2012 (remember my 30 before 30 list - wow i've fallen behind). also, wade and i are training to run a 1/2 marathon together (my 2nd, his first) for barefoot republic and a trip to ethiopia some time this summer! so in 2012, i resolve to continue to blog ... but only when i really enjoy it!

i hope you'll continue to stop by occasionally and share life w/ us!
here's to a fantastic 2012. :)


kristin said...

Those dolls are super cute:) Happy 2012!

Anonymous said...

you go, girl! and may 2012 bring you and wade all your 2012 dreams come true!
love ya!
mama bear

Morlee said...

Those dolls are darling & very practical resolutions. Good luck! :)

Lisscat Creations said...

Blair! Love your blog! I just retweeted your give away on twitter! Hope you have a great week!

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