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5 christmas confessions ...

1 // besides our mistletoe treeskirt (which i love) and 6 days worth of cookies ... i have been completely unmotivated this holiday season. i've not made a single gift. there's no homemade wreath. you won't be receiving a clever christmas card this year. and when you visit this holiday season, you will not be munching on black olive penguins as adorable and ridiculous as they are:

when i was in hawaii visiting my sister, i asked her why she hadn't posted any pictures on facebook of her kiddos in their halloween costumes. she felt their costumes weren't anything special this year. w/ a 3 year old, a 13mo old and a husband on deployment - she was lucky to squeeze in a shower and a little mommy alone time @ the end of the day ... let alone time to create pinterest-worthy halloween costumes.

facebook and pinterest can really make you feel inadequate, eh? there are so many amazing ideas out there. i get it, sis.  i go through days/weeks feeling completely disappointed in myself for lacking creativity. not to mention time management. while i don't have kids, i have a full-time job and a husband and i have to remind myself daily that blogging is a hobby - and it's supposed to be fun!

my ultimate favorite blog reads are those that admit they are not perfect - the real moms with real homes and real jobs. for the record: my kitchen table is stacked w/ paperwork to be filed. we need to make a run to the recycling center or we will be cardboard boxed out of house and home. and i won't even start to explain my closets.

on the bright side - holiday starts tomorrow! i am thankful to have the 23rd through the 1st off. hooray. i made it through another year! forewarning: we are still proud to live in a home sans internet. a case of the mundays might be a bit quiet for the next 2 weeks. and if it is, see you in 2012!

2 // the tree looks amazing and i've wanted to snap a picture of it all week - but as mentioned, our apartment is a wreck! in addition to the filing + the recycling, there is a pile of presents that need to be wrapped - and the couch is covered w/ clean (luckily - folded) laundry.

on the bright side - tonight we have nothing to do besides a little gym time. then i am determined to straighten & snap a photo or two. have you seen this post on bokeh filters?

 diy bokeh filters, the friendly fox
 {source: the friendly fox}

3 // i totally botched wade's christmas present. we weren't going to buy each other gifts this year. instead we were going to buy a house (wouldn't that have been a fun surprise?). unfortunately/fortunately that fell through. so we decided to spend $30 on each other. wade has been wanting to take a drawing class + asked for a sketchbook. i thought it would be clever to buy him a book called let's make some great art. today while checking in on my order, i found that a) it wouldn't be delivered until mid-january and b) it's for children 8 and up. woops. order cancelled. now a quick lunch time shopping trip is in store.

on the bright side - for those that DO have children, let's make some great art looks like a super fun book. be sure to check it out.

4 // and he's not the only one i/we still need to buy for. i have found that dads are the ultimate hardest people to buy for in the world. do you agree? who's the hardest person to buy for on your list?

on the bright side - we aren't doing christmas w/ my side of the family until next weekend. best thing about delayed christmas? after christmas shopping! last year during our $10 christmas exchange, a major steal purchase of the first season of glee was a major hit. cha-ching. (fyi - neither of us has ever watched an episode.)

5 // as a grand finale ... i will not be finishing the final 6 days of gluten-free christmas. it's true. wade and i are over cookies! somebody get us a carrot.

on the bright side - though i'm frustrated w/ myself for setting a goal and not reaching it, my waist line will thank me later. the best thing about doing even 6 days is that i have learned so much more about gfree grains. and i'm thrilled to finally bake treats that taste normal or better. need more recipes? check out this little list of gfree treats i've pinned:

thankfully ... in the end - none of the hustle and bustle of the season really matters. my husband loves me besides the fact that our apartment is mostly my mess. our dads will continue to love us even if they each get another tie. we have shelter even if it isn't trimmed w/ magnolia leaves @ $10 a foot. and we have the true meaning of christmas - a Savior. 

his law is love and his gospel is peace. 
may your holiday be filled w/ both.


The Sugar Mountain said...

Hey Blair!! I haven't commented in awhile but I am reading! Love this sweet post and your revealing self. You are a rockstar so make sure you let this season fulfill you. I love the cookie recs too. I get the need to stop baking. Im adjusting to NOT having a houseful of Christmas cookies because growing up we had so many of them lying arounf and now I'm just over it! xoxo & merry Christmas!

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