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mon-DIY: hanging shelf

last friday i shared the little secret that w + i were looking @ a house over the weekend. and not just any ol' house ... but a little farmhouse on 9 acres of land! my poor green-thumbed husband is getting incredibly restless. currently we live in a teeny little apartment w/ a window box. an unsuccessful windowbox at that.

so over the weekend, i also decided it was time to utilize what little sunshine we do have:

- wooden board cut to fit your window (i used a piece of hickory @ 36"x 5" x 1 1/4")
- 2 long strips of webbing (i used 2 10' strips) 
- a sturdy curtain rod (or 2 hooks) to hang

- sandpaper
- wood stain
- hand drill

1 // drill a hole in each corner of your board approximately 1/2" from the edges. lightly sand the edges and around the holes to smooth. (if you want to stain your shelf - do it now!)

2 // use 1 piece of webbing for each short side of your board. fold the strip of webbing in half. push one end of the webbing through one corner hole & tie a knot. then push the opposite end through the other hole and tie a knot.

3 // hang your shelf from your curtain rod (our's was a 1 1/2" wooden rod - very sturdy) or hooks. adjust the knots at the bottom to find the correct height. use a level also to make sure the shelf was level.

yes - i admit those plants look PUNY! and thus the need for our window shelf. enjoy!


my best friend jules said...

I love this idea! You have the best DIY ideas because they're so simple and easy to do! Just the way I like it :)

xxx mervi

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

yes - this one was easy peasey. thanks, mervi! :) have a week w/ your boy?

Torie said...

This is adorable! And super easy! Another thing to add to the long list of things I would love to do if I could ever get out of these dorms. I hope your plants grow big and tall soon!

Brenna said...

How perfect is that? I'm so inspired! What a great way to make room for more plants! Thanks for sharing!


Venessa said...

Love this!! It's been so awesome watching the progression your apartment has made since you both moved it (obv. i've been reading a while).

Venessa at http://www.everything-pretty.com/

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies! love our little shelf. definitely considering putting in a few more! :) so easy peasy. @venessa - you were one of the first! thanks for sticking around!

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