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{ look for less } target boots

it's official, mama needs new boots. i have loved my intyce riding boots from steve madden for the past 2 winters. but yesterday my left foot sprung a leak ... a crack completely across the sole. very unfortunate considering it was a typical rainy winter day in nashville.

when i walked into work this morning - i was determined to shop during my lunch break for a new pair of boots. so of course i noticed tiffany in publishing sporting an awesome pair of boots. "figures," i thought to myself, "tiff has a pair of fryes." ... correction: tif has a pair of mossimo's from target 2 years ago that look EXACTLY like fryes. now we're talking.

the boot to be exact is the mossimo supply co. katherine engineer boot. apparently this boot sold out immediately after released in late 2009. now they've restocked for online purchase only. it's remarkably similar in style to the frye harness 12r boot - and, unlike most knockoffs, made of genuine leather.

{ the look }                                                            { the less }      

 { l } frye harness 12r - $228.00

and this isn't target's only knockoff ... 

i've always had my eye on the melissa button boot from frye. w+i have a friend that owns a pair in each color they carry. (speaking of colors ... i'm slightly green w/ envy!) so what do you think of this similar but much cheaper option? the kasia boot from merona. also made of genuine leather and available online only.

{ the look }                                                            { the less }       


 { l } frye melissa button boot - $328.00
{ r } merona kasia boot in cognac - $69.99

okay so i might have ordered a pair of each. i've seen the 1st boot - and it's spot on. and i can easily return the 2nd pair if they don't meet my expectations. and right now when you spend more than $50 @ target ... the shipping is on them. plus it's buy 1, get 1 50% off. goodbye, december clothes money (yes, i'm aware it's november). 

so your turn: have you found a knockoff that you're proud to share? please do!


don't forget about the giveaway (ends sunday, 11/20):


charlotteturtle said...

I have the Merona Kasia Boots and LOVE them. I wear them to work almost every day and get stopped at the grocery by people asking where I got them.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

yay! best news. thanks charlotte! ps LOVE the wedding stationary you designed. absolutely lovely.

charlotteturtle said...

Thanks Blair!

I just found your blog yesterday via Cakies (my favorite!). I saw that you were at the Design Sponge Book Signing in Nashville the night before and I was too!!

Such a small world.

The Blonde Mule said...

As someone who owns easily 90% knock-offs, I do shockingly own a pair of Frye boots & let me tell you, my $20 knock-offs from Kohl's are SOOO much more comfortable. Fryes are heavy & unyielding. I've had mine for years & I still haven't been able to break them in -- FYI.

Team Target!

Andrea Brown said...

Thanks for this post. I've been looking for non-slouchy black leather boots, and the Merona Kasia style seems perfect. I just found a black pair, brand new, on eBay for $52 with free shipping. In my big ole size, too! Love it.

Bonnie said...

I have the mossimo engineer ones! I was so excited to find ones that looked so much like the Frye ones for such an affordable price.

Emily said...

just found your blog after researching the target katherine boots! :) i guess they are back this fall online again! just ordered them - excited to get them, after lusting over the frye ones for years now. xoxo
emily - http://thesadlows.blogspot.com

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