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{ fun times } design*sponge comes to nashvegas

fantastic friend ryan joined me for a quick trip to the design*sponge book signing @ west elm in nashville:

5 things:

1 // grace is the teeniest tiniest. lucky! shortly behind "have freckles", my dream would be to be petite.
2 // way to go west elm! the merry & bright decor - SO cute! i'm especially eying the felt mistletoe tree skirt. (might just have to make my very own version ...)
3 // isn't the backdrop for the photobooth darling? created by nashville's own chelsea of oh my deer.
4 // thanks to ryan for putting off being responsible and going w/ me! 
5 // have you picked up your copy of design*sponge @ home? this book will not be a dust-gatherer. it's jam packed w/ so much inspiration. the question is ... where to begin!?!  

to the nashville ladies that also went - sorry i missed you! we should have a blog get-together. what do you say?

you still have plenty of time to enter the giveaway (ends sunday, 11/20):


The Blonde Mule said...

You're so lucky to have good picture from this event. All of mine are either blurry or just plain 'ole B-A-D. I wish I had seen you there!

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