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wednes-DIY: mini pumpkin votives

i mentioned last week that we were taking a trip to honeysuckle hill farm in springfield, tennessee over the weekend. w+i are so blessed to have a great small group full of crazy fun couples ...

hayride (sans hay) √ 
ridiculous farm animal photo opp √
cornmaze complete w/ FSI - farm scene investigation √
corn popper - think giant blob of jumping madness √

... and i finally picked up a couple mini pumpkins to decorate our living room:

1 // you'll need at least 1 mini pumpkin & 1 tealight for each votive.
2 // remove the stem from your pumpkin.
3 // place your tealight in the middle of your pumpkin & use your knife to create a dotted line around the tealight.
4 // connect the dots to cut out the middle circle.
5 // remove the center circle & replace w/ your tealight.

i love the look of stacked pumpkins this fall - so i decided to stack a couple mini pumpkins. 6 // glue your votive pumpkin to a slightly larger pumpkin. align your pumpkins so that the candle sits evenly on top.

each votive should last about 3 days. luckily this is such a simple little project - and mini pumpkins are cheap cheap. enjoy!


Anna said...

what a great idea for fall decor! i'm definetly going to try this. Thanks!

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