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hi lovelies ... i tried and tried to put together a {hello munday} post yesterday but to be honest, i needed a little blog break. :) instead i caught up on several small projects ... and w+i went on a fun little movie date. (we saw 50/50 ... have you seen it?)

pardon my absence - and enjoy a little preview of my pottery progress thus far:

1 // taking a hint from anthropologie's adorable little farmer's market baskets, i decided to make my own fruit basket! this one is still in the leather hard stage - a work in progress. i brought this little project home to sculpt in my free time, because i'm devoting class time to practice throwing pots on the wheel (practice make perfect ... or at least a little less wonky!). 1 down, 3 to go! more free time, please!

2 // boring little handbuilt plate ... i think not. "put a bird on it!" 

3 // remember this guy? the great brain! coil pots are probably my least favorite pottery technique that we've learned so far in class. i think they look like something a little kid could make. but it's so much fun to see how a project changes w/ a little bit of glaze. (can you see the little pops of teal and rust?) i actually love how this little coil bowl turned out.

we'll see if i'm brave enough to post any of my thrown pots this semester. luckily i've already convinced wade to spare me for a few more thursdays next year! i am determined! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice! Makes me want to take a pottery class, finally. :) That farmer's market basket...I totally thought it was real and was confused at first lol. I use a couple of the cardboard ones for entryway catch-alls but this ceramic idea is so much more sturdy. LOVE it! -Lindsey

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