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{ someday } alsolete

don't tell wade. lately i've been a bit baby crazy. i mean we have 8 kazillion friends that are pregnant this fall. so exciting. and to increase the madness ... i of course had to stumble upon alsolete - a barcelona based clothing store for children 12 months to 14 years. after studying @ the art & fashion techniques school in barcelona & working in the fashion industry for 15 years, designer marta gamb├╣s launched alsolete in 2000. her intention ... to design children's clothing that express the mediterranean way of life - modern yet comfortable.

{source: alsolete}

mission accomplished! i am especially in love w/ the colors in her collection. okay so secretly i wish they had a mommy/daddy line too!

{someday} w+i will travel to barcelonato visit alsolete! in the meantime - check out the estore!


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