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{ simple things } bays mountain

wade and i are awful about taking pictures especially when we're traveling. i lug the camera around w/ me everywhere - but in the excitement of exploring a new place ... i always forget to actually use it! ho hum.

luckily i did capture our visit to bays mountain. it was the perfect time of year to visit northeastern tennessee as the leaves had just begun to change and it was 75º and sunny! the park has miles & miles of hiking trails and several "habitats" for rescued native wildlife - including wolves, bobcats, otters, deer, turtles, racoons and birds.

i simply love a hike in the fall ...


Hé Ré said...

So... your hubs is hot stuff!
Does he have a brother???
J/K kinda but not really... seriously! ;)

Sarah O'Holla said...

I love that turtle pic!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

@heather - haha. he does have a brother & he's a doctor ... but he's also married. thank you - i agree! :)

@sarah - turtles are my absolute favorite. i could have sat there all day!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Well aren't you two just adorable!! What a romantic little time you guys had!

Haha I laughed out loud at the first comment..too funny!

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