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{ hello munday }

{source: eat // whole foods, wear // a beautiful mess, make // a place for us, shop // melanie favreau}

eat // these yummy apple sandwiches w/ granola and peanut butter via whole foods! adorable and delicious.

wear // your heart on your sleeve(s) w/ this cute little heart patch diy from amanda @ indiejanephotography via a beautiful mess. i have quite a few cardigans that could use a little update this winter. ... to goodwill to find a few spare vintage pillowcases!

make // i haven't put up a single decoration yet for fall! sigh. last year i was as pathetic - but we had just gotten married and were unpacking. this year i have no excuse. love these brown paper bag flowers from a place for us! and as luck would have it - we have lots of brown paper bags.

shop // these adorable "taking aim" arrow earrings from melanie favreau on etsy. in fact check out all of melanie's adorable designs ... yes, please!

{source: win// eat drink chic, learn: bhg, visit: unknown}

win // a copy of frankie magazine's 2012 calendar and daily journal via this giveaway @ eat drink chic. i am absolutely in love with & in need of that daily journal!

learn // w + i had a time hanging one our latest projects over the weekend leaving us w/ about a 1" hole in the plaster. woops. i don't blame myself or my husband - i blame our apartment and the chippiest walls EVER. lesson learned. love this tip from better homes & gardens for perfect placement. ideally we'll be hanging our bits & bobs wall in the next week or two (at last!). yahoo.

visit // we enjoyed a perfect getaway to the very northeastern corner of tennessee over the weekend. we had a fantastic time exploring the area including exchange place - an 1850s farmstead, bays mountain nature preserve & the gray fossil museum. we particularly fell in love w/ jonesborough, tn - the international storytelling capital - where we spent saturday evening listening to ghost stories in the town square. we already plan to make the trip again next year!


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