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just book-cause ...

yes, i just typed that. ha ha. i think i wore my creative self out yesterday updating our earlier honeymoon posts and finally finishing w/ one last post about our final 2 days in essaouira - here. it's also been a long fun week: 

tuesday // bible study followed by a little trip to the bluebird to see my best friend from the 6th grade play in a writer's round.

wednesday // one of those painting and wine drinking classes w/ my friend laura (for my birthday early august). we painted "funky fish" - i must snap a shot or two of my funky fish as unfortunately you will never see them in our house. hello opportunity to use neon paint!

last night // pottery class - week 2. we made plates. and of course - i took the opportunity to put a bird (or 2) on it! i also finally completed a pinch pot ... which ended up a little nest complete w/ 3 little eggs. okay how theme-y theme of me. (finished photos of course to come.)

and so ... my creative juices have been juiced. 

but w is heading out of town for the weekend (and a bit of next week) ... and i am looking for a long soak in the tub w/ a new book, revolutionary road - book 3 for my {30 before 30} challenge off time magazine's all time 100 novels

in the meantime ... some fun book inspiration:

1 // at last, i found the perfect wire basket for our desk - for just 50¢ at goodwill. and a bonus, 2 additional bigger baskets - perfect for collecting our "must reads".

2 // this lovely book planter diy by green wedding shoes. um - i'm sorry. wade (my book lover). this is happening. i've been wanting to get on the succulent bandwagon ever since seeing my sweet friend emily of little observation began selling her own little terrariums over the summer! yup. this is a must.

3 // okay these little "book"shelves are a must on our bits and bobs wall that is in the works. (i've had them tagged for months and months now! ... it's time, wouldn't you say!?!) thankfully, w/ this little diy on real simple no books harmed in the making of this project! adorable.

4 // what a fun party invite! and a book exchange. lovely! even better - print your own template & throw you're own party. thanks to reid girls handmade. we attempted a bookclub about a year ago - and made it through 3 books. a seasonal book exchange would be more achievable! yup - i need to find a free night this fall and have a little exchange - any nashville readers interested?

5 // and last but not least ... a little tote from stuffosaurus that kills me - "i like big books and i cannot lie". quite possibly next week's {PINspired}. but if you aren't a crafter ... it's only $18.00 here.

okay, friends. have a fantastic weekend. see you munday! :)


Faith Bendt said...

hmmm... I might just have to steal the "book" shelf idea. That is TOO cute and I have some great books for something like that. Great find!

Emily said...

We must have similar book interests... I own 70% of what's in your basket..:) My favorite...? Blue Like Jazz.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Revolutionary Road = one of my favorite all-time books. though it is very depressing. hope you're down for that. :)

e.marie said...

My roommate and I were thinking of starting/joining a book club. We'd definitely be interested if you'd seriously like to do something like that.

-Erika (Sean Hannon's girlfriend)
PS. I am loving your blog and your creative inspirations!

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

ooh absolutely, @erika! thanks for reading along! i'm thinking a once a month (or seasonal) thing would work best right now. will definitely let you know when i figure something out!

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