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 {source: shop // allure by u, eat // make&takes, covet // madewell}

shop // this pretty little leaf bracelet from allure by u on etsy. i'm feeling rather girlie today & loving that price - $20.00!

eat // yes - i'm still on my apple kick! it's fall, after all. and especially now that i've seen these adorable apple cupcakes from make&takes - a must make for all future falls! however - i'm thinking a little tweak. apple-flavored (and gfree of course).

covet // mama needs a new blazer this fall! while i find lots and lots of inspiration on madewell (gah - love!) ... my new clothing budget is more suitable for a second hand find w/ a few alterations. w/ printed inspiration, it's time to thrift.

{source: make // the picket fence, visit // oh, hello friend, play // one sheepish girl, smile // sears}

make // this cute little corn husk fall wreath from the picket fence. hmmm i posted a wreath last week. it's official - i need 2 front doors! ;)

visit // it's yellow week on oh, yello friend (woops - oh, hello friend). yellow is my ultimate favorite color ... it just makes me so happy! click here for to instantly brighten your day!

play // this photo challenge display from one sheepish girl has me completely inspired to attempt this super fun 30 day photo challenge from oh so lovely. okay okay so i'm a month and a half behind ... woops. but i just bought some new gear for the camera w/ blogging in mind and it should arrive any day now! so am i up for the challenge? hmmm ...

{source: oh so lovely}

smile // it's official ... i stumbled upon the ODDEST thing on the internet. these 7" spike heel ballet ankle boots from sears are NOT OKAY. i was googling rainboots for my mum and happened upon those bad boys girls. hmmm - what are you thinking sears? stick to hardware and appliances.


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