Test Title 1

{home sweet home} our reading nook

* ladder - found
* lace photo hanging - wedding gift
* quilt - made by my great aunt
*chair - borrowed
*chair pillow - made (click here)
*chalkboard door/lettering - made (click here)
* painting - gifted for my birthday

faith found this lovely little floral painting at her mom's studio/shop in yazoo, mississippi. she thought it suited me. she thought RIGHT! it's an absolutely perfect addition. definitely going to have to recruit her to help me weed through the box o' art that wade and i picked up at a garage sale earlier this summer.


Faith Bendt said...

It fits perfectly!! Glad you like. Can I sit in the perfect nook next time I visit?

Venessa said...

Love that lace hanging photo! Adorable.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies. yes @faith. come sit.

thanks @venessa. my mom's 2 besties from high school brought it and a couple other fantastic finds to one of my wedding showers. confession - i do not know the little girls hanging in it. gah - must print pictures.

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