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our climbing gym has very few chick magazines - it's all politics or outdoor adventure blah. as a result, i've read through every O magazine from 2008. apparently way back when, she did a series called "oprah's best life" (maybe it continues?). for today's little bloggety-blog i found inspiration in o's monthly "best of" interviews. a fun little opportunity to reflect & share a bit:

BEST HABIT // making the bed everyday. we have a very small apartment w/ 4 rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom and bath). i can't imagine having 1/4 of the house unkempt. nowadays, however, wade beats me to the task!

{how to make your bed like a soldier via the art of manliness}

BEST SUBJECT IN SCHOOL // physics. truth! i had a professor in college that thought i was majoring in physics. my real major was commercial voice w/ an emphasis in music business. i should have however stuck w/ physics - i'm sure the pay would be better. ;)

BEST TIME-WASTER // pinterest. come on now - if you've discovered it ... you will agree. i can easily waste an entire hour sifting through inspiration. not on pinterest? click on my profile below to see what all the fuss is about.

BEST QUOTE // "God accepts us just the way we are, but loves us too much to let us stay that way." - rob bell

BEST GUILTY PLEASURE // reality tv. it's true. last weekend w + i stayed in a hotel w/ CABLE! and while he napped i watched jersey shores. honestly - bc i'm super vanilla ... it's entertaining to see all the craziness i've (thankfully) missed out on. i live vicariously through snooki for an hour - and then realize how great i really have it. ha! anyone checked out that show love in the wild? seriously where do they come up w/ this stuff!

BEST SHORTCUT TO FEELING BEAUTIFUL // 30 minutes in the sun. a little vitamin D and a bit of pink on the cheeks and i feel rejuvenated. when the sun just won't cooperate (october-march in nashville) a little peach blush on the apples of the cheeks does the trick.

BEST HIDDEN TALENT // i am the queen when it comes to making a cheap knockoff. i thank my bargain shopping mother for this trait! this summer, we've traveled a bit too much + i've been doing freelance design projects for a little $$ ... so i haven't posted many new projects. i'm pretty excited for colder months when we spend more time in.

BEST FOOD FIX // 1 cup of vanilla non-fat yogurt + 1/4 cup of udi's original granola + a handful of almonds = heaven! especially in the heat of summer when a mid-day binge can weigh you down for the rest of the day.

BEST RECENT READ // i'm already halfway through the catcher in the rye (1/12th of #10 on my 30 before 30) and i really am enjoying it! but as far as a book that i've recently completed, i loooooooved the help. we attempted to start a book club a year ago but life got super busy. pretty excited to get the girls back together to go see the film!

BEST SATURDAY MORNING // when we first got married, we were determined to prove my mom/sisters wrong and use our gifted waffle maker. each week i came up w/ a new recipe. finally we're looking forward to a saturday morning at home. tradition continued! these blackberry cobbler waffles from how sweet it is look divine (and perfectly in season)!

{source: how sweet it is}

BEST COBWEB CLEARER // yoga! i have horrible balance ... horrible! a yoga class requires my full attention. i mean seriously try and hold a headstand while sorting out your "to do" list. it presents the perfect opportunity to clear my mind of the frustrations/responsibilities of the day for at least an hour.

w + i finally have a night off tonight. and speaking of "to do" list ... mine it growing. hopefully i'll have something new to contribute to the world wide web tomorrow. in the meantime ...what's your "best of ..."?


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

ah, great blog idea! I might have to copy on a day when I got nothing. :)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

please! :)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

then again you always have something, cuss word! ;)

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