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{whatever wednesday} climb on

w + i have been consistent gym members for almost 3mo. woo hoo. we finally decided it was time to commit and purchase our own gear - consider it an early birthday gift to the both of us:
Black Diamond RockLock Screwgate CarabinerBlack Diamond ATC-XP Belay Device
{click to shop}

very purple - eh? i'm not even a big purple person.
the word "purple" alone is very odd.

my feet are sooooo excited! our climbing gym is very hippie (i suppose they all are) - and the particular young hippies that workout there tend to smell - especially like feet. just saying. so i'm pretty excited to have my very own pair of climbing shoes.


when you first begin to climb, the goal is to simply get to the top - no matter what path you take. but the more you climb - the more you want to challenge yourself. paths at our gym are labeled 5.6 - 5.12 - increasing in difficulty w/ #. each hold is marked beneath it w/ a dif color tape to designate path.

w + i would quickly become frustrated when we first started climbing with the other person below shouting out "there's a hold a little higher on the left" "move your right foot up about 10 inches". mostly i think we were frustrated w/ ourselves. nobody wants to be a 5.6 climber for multiple weeks. you want to jump right in and be a 5.12.

and then you begin to realize climbing is a 2 man gig. when on the mountain, you're focused on your aching arms and your current foothold. it's a challenge to see the color of tape below each hold. for me there's the added challenge of being horribly afraid of heights. i can only look around and down so long before psyching myself out. and all the while your partner on the ground has an entirely different perspective. they see the wall in its entirety and all that colored tape.

sometimes i think of wade and i as "beginner climbers" in our marriage. again mostly i think we become frustrated w/ ourselves when the other person is offering up advice. we've been married for a whopping 10 mo now - and we're not 5.12 married people either.

who knew a smelly hippie gym membership would teach us a little life lesson on perspective.


Faith Bendt said...

You will be a dirty hippie before you know it! Yoga. Rock climbing. Camping. It's happening and I LOVE IT. I can maybe dig up an old bottle of patchouli for ya. :) Digging the life perspective too.

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