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{look for less} anthropologie

oh hey ... it's been way too long since i did my last look for less again! :( gah. sorry people. june and july have been slightly nutso.

remember a while back when i shared this little post on these bright colored pants from zara. well i absolutely love the idea of wearing bright pops of color - however most of the time i'm super stumped on what to coordinate w/ them especially for work. so today i'm lusting after this outfit from anthropologie's latest vivid ones collection:

{source: anthropologie}

let's break it down ...

the pants:

l : anthropologie ag stevie ankle {158.00}
r: zara skinny studio trouser {19.99}

the top:

Beholic Colorblock Stripe Top
l: anthropologie soda float pullover {88.00}
r: nordstrom beholic colorblock stripe top {44.00}

the shoes:

l: anthropologie kron by kronkron portable art platforms {488.00}
r: dillars jessica simposon bendie sandals {89.00}

obviously no one can match the kron by kronkron madness:

{source: kron by kronkron}

but these have a similar wow factor effect w/o the wow factor effect on your checkbook that a kron by kronkron price tag might have.

the necklace:

l: anthropologie gumball necklace {258.00}
r: MY quick easy version {8.00}
yup - this necklace is easy-peasy to knockoff.

w/ a bit more patience, i could have ordered ceramic beads off etsy - here, here or here. maybe i still will for a round 2 ... but for a quick {look for less} i found my beads at michaels. the red bead was 1 of a set of 6 multi color beads 1/2 off for $3.50. (maybe i will prep them all so that i can make my necklace more versatile.) the gold bead was on clearance w/ a set of moroccan inspired beads for $1.99.

* 2 1" or bigger (if you can find them) beads
* at least 25" of chain
* 2 head pins in the same metal as your chain (i reused the eye pins from the moroccan bead set - but head pins would be a more clean/finished look!)
* a pair of round nose pliers

prep each of your beads:
1 // slide 1 of your beads onto 1 of your head pins.
2 // bend the head pin at a 90% angle making sure the pin is flush w/ the bead. try not to leave any space between the bend and the bead.
3 // trim the excess wire of the headpin leaving aprox 1/4".
4 // using round nose pliers grip the end of the head pin. hold the bead firmly and roll the pliers toward the bead. roll until the end of the wire meets the other end of the loop.

then simple add a finished bead to the end of each side of your 25" chain. that's it! super easy-peasy!

to wear, wrap one side of the necklace around the other and then over.

oh - yes ... back to it:

anthropologie {992.00}
my look {160.99}


Ellen @ Black and White and Loved All Over said...

:) Love it. Why doesn't Zara sell online? I was gonna order those pants ASAP. I've been really wanting to try bright pants. Argh! And what's with H&M not selling online either? I am loving your long, luscious locks!

faithc said...

Ellen, I was thinking the same thing. I am jelly of her hair big time!

btw... I love your necklace better than the anthro one. I need a lesson from you in making jewelry!

Lokie said...

Can't see your shoes, but love your hair!

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