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monster friends by family tree design+illustration

w + i saw this monster friends series by family tree design & illustration a few weeks ago at hot+cold in nashville:

love at first sight! we both agreed these would be super cute for a little boy's room {someday}. and {someday} we definitely want a little boy or 2. but w/o said little boy or any plans to create him - we decided to go on our merry way poster-less.

... it's been bugging me ever since!

so yesterday - i called hot+cold to find out the name of the collection. and sad day - according to the collection blog ... it was no longer available. don't get me wrong monster friends series 2 is super cute (bonus: the special edition glows in the dark!):

... but i really really really would love it if they offered series 1 again. puh-lease?

a classic case of "you snooze, you lose"?

luckily - not so! just got an email from one of the illustrators (who coincidentally i've worked w/ in the past). and they are going to release the collection again. they're just waiting on printing. you can sign up for email notifications here if you're interested too. are monsters not your thing? they will also be releasing an animal collection. cute cute.

this time i will not snooze!


chrissy said...

oh, that is so funny! i was looking at the pictures and thinking about how cute they would look in a little guy's room and then i kept reading. voila! proof that great minds think alike.


mysteryguy said...

Hey there! I found you on Picket Fence and really like what you are doing here. You'd be my best friend if you would link to me on your blog share...


Once you do, leave a comment on my site and I'll be sure to return the favor:)

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

@chrissy - my sis said her 3 year old would be too afraid of the monsters (luckily they are coming up w/ an animals set). but i'm thinking we eliminate the "monsters under my bed" stage by familiarizing our future little guy w/ these little monsters from birth.

The Blonde Mule said...

These used to be on display at Mitchell Deli on the East Side, too. I loved them & should have bought them back then. Definitely love the colors in the first series more.

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