Test Title 1

eye eye captain

{yes, grammar pals ... i know it should be "aye aye".}

i fully intended to follow up w/ a regular eye dr after my lasik surgery ... get this ... 5 YEARS ago. time flies. after having 2 people randomly mention eye dr appointments to me on tuesday, i called and scheduled an appt for this morning.

i'm a nervous wreck before all doctor appts. case in point: i've had 1 self-inflicted cavity - the effect of a borderline ocd teenager and a push pin (ouch!). yet twice a year, i drag myself to the dentist knowing my time has come ... this time the dentist will inform me that he needs to pull them all.

serious anxiety issues, eh? apparently going to the eye doctor results in equal unnecessary fears. quite possibly why it's been 5 years.

{source: masikawa}

20/20, people! silly to worry myself all morning.

five years in and definitely the only con i have to lasik surgery is no longer needing frames. too many cute styles. what do you think ... fake frames - necessary style accessory or just silly? i lean towards the latter despite how much as i love the frames above.


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