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{weekend update} productivity!

... that might just be my favorite word ever!!! i'm pretty sure that this past weekend is on my top 5 list of enjoyable weekends w/ my hubs. it was very impromptu, relaxing ... AND still productive.

before leaving work on friday, i got a call from one of my preston taylor girls. her mom + aunt had worked all day to fix up plate dinners and were selling them for around $5 to support a family trip to holiday world! of course we were in! we picked up dinner and then headed to a nashville sounds game. i love baseball ... but even more, i love good people watching.

we struck garage sale gold on saturday morning! then wade fixed omelets and i made a yummy fruit salad. delicious! still going strong gluten-free! in an effort to become a little less pasty white and load up on vitamin d, we visited cheekwood - nashville's botanical gardens. then, finished the day w/ not 1 but 2 birthday dinners. feeling very popular! ha.

on sunday, we woke up early and went to the 8.30am service at crosspoint. i joined the worship team for a mixer later in the day and met up w/ wade at climb. i am proud to announce that i'm getting so much better at climbing. practice (and calluses) make perfect! we ended the weekend w/ a spontaneous cookout w/ friends.

perfect weekend!

and in between all that business ... we spent the rest of the weekend straightening the house and doing little fix-its around the place:

wade re-planted our window box for the 3rd time this spring! we've tried 2 rounds of herbs but it's just not getting enough sun. now we've decided to grow the herbs inside the kitchen - and opt for shade-friendly flowers in the box. we shall see.

i started a piano overhaul by tackling the bench and finally painted us a little chalkboard door rather than wall (a lot easier to cover up when we move out!). two things off my {someday} list! hoping to get time to photograph these projects and post later this week!

hope you had a fantastic weekend too!


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