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{home sweet home} our "office"

okay truth be told ... we don't have an office. our apt is tiny - so every room is multi-purposed. we have a bedroom/library/attic/office w/ 1 wall dedicated to be our "office". and for the longest time - this space has been really difficult to pull together. but i'm finally ready to share our progress thus far:

* the furniture: it's amazing what a little stain + new nobs (and scrap fabric) can do for old furniture. wade got this ol' desk for free after college - and we found that little wooden file cabinet for $10 dollars on craigslist.

* the art: wade has a fantastic print of gallatin, tn - his hometown - in the early 1900s. i definitely wanted to find a place for it in the apt. the poor guy has had to sacrifice quite a bit of his decor (not really sure how to incorporate pirate flags, african masks, etc). i found an early print of my grandma's hometown - which i've adopted as my own ... and the 2 are now featured above the desk beside my sewing notions wall art (thanks to design*sponge!).

* the accessories: while i'm still hoping to find a thick horse hair brush to create one of these + a wire basket for all our filing ... i am smitten w/ the test tube set wade's mom found for us! hopeful to find those missing pieces during an upcoming trip to illinois (antiques are so much cheaper above the mason-dixon line!) i also recently came across a new way of storing ribbon - and i am definitely going to have to copy! we should probably also add a plant to that poor empty pot - woops.

Vintage Pair of Wire Desk Baskets

* school inspired: i love how cool our ruler lamp {find the diy here} looks hanging next to our new addition - the chalkboard door (unfortunately not an entire wall - but much easier to cover up when we move on). not nearly as fantastic as dana tanamachi's creations ... but w + i are currently enjoying my humble attempt.


radhika said...

I love the testube that hold the dry flowers! The colorful art above that is beautiful! Wish I could see a closeup!

Emily said...

The door is amazing! You should be proud!!!!
Looks very clean and inviting. A perfect author's table.

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

@radhika ... the art above the test tubes is an easy diy from design*sponge - http://www.designsponge.com/2010/03/diy-project-sewing-notions-display-art.html enjoy!

@emily ... thank you! hopefully it will motivate both my husband and i to be more creative at home. :)

The Blonde Mule said...

It looks great! LOVE the chalkboard paint on the door!

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