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{someday} a chalk board wall

today i have fallen head over heels in love w/ new york based graphic designer and "custom chalk letterer" dana tanamachi.

{source: dana tanamachi}

{someday} wade and i will have a chalkboard wall. and then we'll invite dana over to decorate it ... come on - it could happen. i'm daydreaming afterall!

{source: dana tanamachi}

our {someday} list is growing while we're in our teeny apartment: it doesn't have stairs to number or a backyard to hang dry our laundry or the option to wallpaper an entire room in maps or even a claw foot tub. yes - despite all those missing pieces, we love it!

... BUT we do have lots and lots of walls and we're allowed to paint! hmm. wheels turning.


mary said...

We TOTALLY have a chalkboard wall! Its the whole wall of my kitchen and its really just for the kids although I hijack it often for grocery lists and notes to my man :) Did you ever see my friend KK's blog with your link? (smalltownlovin.com) Her blog is amazing and so beautiful~ AND, I just started a give away of some pretty stella and dot jewels if you are interested (and willing to share?)!

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