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be jeweled ...

a couple of years ago, i remember being dragged to a jewelry party where the host proclaimed "no outfit is complete w/out jewelry." and then went on and on about how wearing jewelry will give you that confidence to get the job you've been seeking or that boy you've had your eye on and therefore married and successful.

i've never really been one to accessorize very well. last week i wore a bracelet one day - and wade told me that i looked like a rockstar. (actually he said janis joplin - which is totally hip but honestly she always looked a bit disheveled - good thing i can read wade-speak and know he really meant "rockstar".)

to be honest - i would love to accessorize more. i definitely do think the right necklace or earrings completes and outfit! i just don't have the right necklace or earrings. ha. my collection is incredibly pathetic.

so my mission over the weekend was to make/find some new pieces:

1 // last week, i go by katie shared a pretty pretty compass necklace from her collection. so elegant and pretty (just like her blog):

{source: i go by katie}

i happened upon a broken watch at an estate sale saturday morning that was equally pretty - and only $2.00. i simply remove the links from the watch band and laced a $3.00 chain through one side of the watch head. and now i have a very similar necklace of my own (eat your heart out, flavor flav!):

2 // have you discovered honestlywtf? love their tutorials - especially this braided hex nut DIY they did to knock off this awesome piece from giles & brother.

{source: giles & brother}

super cute (not to mention rockstar) and super easy! i decided to play off the original a bit more than the girls on honestlywtf and definitely will be making myself a few more! sooooo cool:

3 // last but not least, another estate sale find ... this little butterfly charm was only $1.50. i saved it from the turquoise rope thingy it was hanging sadly from - and updated it with a tiny little leather strap and gold clasp. it might be my new favorite:

i have been bookmarking so many more ideas! now to find some more time ...


abby @ tales and trials said...

I would love to try my hand at making some more jewelry. I love simple pieces like the bird necklace you had on in the last shot. So pretty! I really like the idea of using charms like the compass for a necklace.

kristin said...

Wow, what great ideas! I love all three, although the watch is my favorite. It's beautiful.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Great post and you crack me up in this one -- about reading wade-speak and flava flav. :)

The watch necklace is to die for. Does the watch work?

blair @ a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies.

@abby - that little bird necklace is from urban about 2 years ago while wade and i were long distance. it used to have a little silver letter hanging from the front - my passenger pigeon. the perfect necklace for that time in our life.

@ellen - the watch needs a battery - then we'll see! :) even when i wear a watch i rely on my mobile phone these days. lazy.

Emily said...

I love the last pieces paired together.

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