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{whatever wednesday} upcycled boots!

a couple of weeks ago i went on the hunt for the perfect tall black boot. completely out of season - spring and all - but i didn't care. i had seen too many of my stylist friends rocking tall black boots and leggings - and i NEEDED black boots.

during my big goodwill shopping spree a few weeks back, i picked up these funky things at goodwill. i say "funky" because i haven't actually had the guts to wear them - a bit too 80s. a bit too biker. and definitely a bit too diva for me. but at $2.00 (hello 1/2 off day) ... i couldn't pass them up:

well - while in boston i finally found the perfect pair of tall black boots on sale at urban. so last night i decided to give the goodwill pair a makeover.


i cut off the top half of the boot shaft. flipped it inside out and then stitched it to the bottom half of the boot. this way - when i fold over the top the stitching is hidden beneath the cuff on the inside. finally, i add a few stitches to tack down the extra fabric inside.

(want to know a secret: i COMPLETELY intended for the snaps to be on the outside of the booties. but doh - after finishing the first boot i realized that they were on the inside. hand stitching leather w/out a thimble - there was no way i was going to seam rip and start over. i guess now they're like a little hidden surprise.)

i think they're pretty h-o-t! wade's out on the road until thursday - so i'll have to wait to get his opinion. ;)

by the way - what's with me and headless pics this week!?!


Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

Wow, wow, wow! Great work. I'm looking at this on my Blackberry and can't wait to see them even better. They look amazing!

a case of the mundays said...

thanks woman. was totally inspired after your sandal upcycle!

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