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{love} totally rad actions

yesterday, ashley ann at under the sycamore posted an amazing DIY on the wall photo collage in her living room. love! definitely inspired - though our poor little apartment is about out of wall space. we shall see. {at least i'll categorize this as a "note to self".}

do you know what i love even more than her incredible DIY? i love that she shared this INCREDBILE site - totally rad actions. they provide the photoshop action that she used to color correct all of the images for her collage. immediately i knew this was something that i needed for work (and a little play on the side!)

what are photoshop actions? well in photoshop, you can click the action and it pretty much does the work for you. i used to use actions for basic things - like resizing images for the blog. but totally rad actions provides a wide palette of color and tone treatments to add a unique edge to your photos! love it.

here's a plain ol' picture of wade and i ... rather - our feet:

and as an example, here are a few of my favorite actions (w/ descriptions from t.r.a.)...

1 // troy - golden, desaturated colors with crushed shadows and soft highlights. cool-cyan shadows:

2 // lux (hard) - warm highlights and cool cyan shadows with a bit of kick and contrast:

3 // sx-70 - emulates the look of polaroid sx-70 film. reduces contrast, compresses the tonal scale and gamut, and softens the image slightly. retro-fun!

4 // b!chin' b&w - l.a.b. based b&w conversion – great for creating creamy, smooth skintones. adds a little snap as well:

5 // super old skool - simulates the look of a vintage (circa 1900) photograph:

incredible, eh!?! now to decide which action is my favorite & which would be the coolest for our wedding pictures. even more motivation to get started on laying out our wedding book! help me out - which is your favorite?

ps. so thankful for our wedding photographer - adrian hitt. she does beautiful work ... even with ankles!


Faith said...

AWESOME! Gonna go to that site ASAP! I think my fav are #2 and #5! What a cool photo.

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

WOW! Awesome post and thanks for sharing!

Ellen Mallernee Barnes said...

oh, you asked for a favorite. I am stuck between the first and second. Or maybe the third and fourth. :) They are all amazing. I can see why you'd have a hard time choosing.

Kendahl said...

Nice! I love the first one. We've used TRA for quite some time - their PRO Retouch action is the BEST for softening skin - knock your brush down to 30-40% and it's the best way to touch up without over doing it (as I'm sure you know what I mean!!!)

Also, I saw this collage on UTS and LOVED IT. Think she will mind if I copy everything she does? :) PS - our chicken wire wall rocks - if I ever make up my mind and finish the room I will get pics up to share!

a case of the mundays said...

thanks ladies! wade likes #1 and #5 - i guess he should have an opinion. ;) i think #5 would be a bit too much for our whole book. but totally cool for pics around the house.

@kendahl - i'm the same way. her home is AMAZING. searching for chairs just like her kitchen chairs. love them. can't wait to see your wall.

allenaim photography and design said...

def #1!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd choose #1!

shannonrhall said...

Agree with Wade (and you). #1 for most photos and #5 for the occasional more artsy one.

a case of the mundays said...

thanks people!!! :)

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