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weekend update: monterey, tn

it's amazing how much a quick weekend away can do for the soul! :)

wade's friend bob owns 800 acres of beautiful forest in monterey, tn. over time he has created trails and campsites throughout. we spent the weekend w/ friends camping in the "hemlock haven" next to "uncle tom's cabin".

we hiked // we saw the BIGGEST cat prints (yikes) // we sunbathed // we s'mored // we attempted to swing the highest // we hoola-hooped // we trampolined // we "back alley bridged" // we ate like kings and queens // we horse-shoed // we napped under the hemlocks // we s'mored s'more ... most of all - we LOVED the beautiful spring weather.


pretty excited for our next camping trip already!

the rest of the weekend was a whirlwind. we made it back just in time to unpack and straighten. then i had bible study w/ my high school girls at the park. and when i returned, we had our first meal swap! i'll let you know as soon as we start feasting on the swapped goods if the whole ordeal was a success.

how was your weekend?


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